Trials to commence at 7.00am and run at 15 minute intervals.

They will be held on the course proper against the running rail over 850m.

Nominations close at 12.00pm on the specified closing date and are to be made through the Trainers Service Centre.

2015 Trial Date Nominations Close


To be held outside the witches hats on the course proper between 4.00am and 6.30am unless otherwise notified. All gallops to be charged at $11.00 and to be invoiced at the end of month.


2015 Gallops Date Details
January   9th  3.30am - 6.30am Outside witches hats 






To be held between 7.00am and 8.00am on the outside of the course proper from the 850m & 400m unless otherwise notified. All Jumpouts to be charged at $16.50 and to be invoiced at the end of the month.

2014 Jumpout Date Categories 
January 9th  

850m  & 400m outside witches hats

*PLEASE NOTE: Nominations are required prior to Jumpouts through the Track Work Supervisor or Office by 5pm the day before. Trainers please note that it would be appreciated if horse and rider could be advised when nominating.