Conditions of Entry

To ensure the safety and comfort of all guests visiting the Townsville Turf Club the following conditions of entry have been put in place.

Guests are not permitted to enter the venue with any of the following: 
  • Alcohol
  • Glass
  • Dangerous weapons including knives

Due to Club policy, perishable or processed foods intended for group consumption such as meats, seafood, salads, dips, dairy products, cakes and sandwich/fruit/vegetable platters will not be allowed to be brought in to the course. However, guests are welcome to bring in the following food for personal consumption only such as individual sandwiches, individual packs of processed cheese, dip spreads and biscuits, pieces of fruit, special individual dietary needs foods and individual drinks including flasks of tea and coffee. Large groups are permitted to bring in sealed packets of chips, nuts and biscuits.

The Townsville Turf Club reserves the right to inspect all bags and eskies that are bought into or taken out of the course. Alcohol purchased at the Club is not permitted to be removed from the premises.

Large groups of unruly or intoxicated racegoers will not be permitted entry in to the course. The Townsville Turf Club has the right to refuse entry to persons at the Club’s discretion.

Smoking is only permitted in the outdoor designated smoking areas.

As the Townsville Turf Club is a fully licensed venue, under 18s are only permitted entry to the course if the minor is in the company of a responsible adult exercising parental supervision.  Under 18s must remain in the company of this person at all times and must not purchase or consume alcohol.

As a general rule the person accompanying the child should be at least old enough to be the child's parent, i.e. 16 year age difference.  The following examples do not comply: 19 year old male accompanying 17 year old girlfriend or 28 year old sister accompanying 17 year old brother.

Servicing or supply of alcohol to minors Under 18 is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. It is a requirement of the law that you will produce identification on request from Police, Security or Townsville Turf Club staff.

The Townsville Turf Club will not tolerate intoxicated, violent or disorderly behaviour. Offenders will be ejected.

Unauthorised persons are not permitted on the track at anytime. Trespassers will be prosecuted.

Patrons may be photographed, filmed or recorded at the racecourse on behalf of the Townsville Turf Club and each patron acknowledges and agrees that the Townsville Turf Club may use any such image, film or recording in it sole discretion and without the need to account to or obtain any further consent from the patron.

Townsville Turf Club will not refund any monies if a race meeting is abandoned or cancelled by order of the Stewards before three races are held. Townsville Turf Club staff will issue a complimentary pass to be used within one month of issued date should this occur.

Townsville Turf Club has implemented these requirements for the enjoyment and comfort of its members and guests.

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