Licensed Industry Participants ONLY IN the Rear of the Stalls Area

No Alcohol

No Children or Guests are allowed in this area

Closed in shoes must be worn at all times

All horses being led must have a bit in their mouth

A person may only lead one horse at a time


Track riders must comply with the following

Wear an approved skullcap with the chinstrap fastened

Wear leather-riding boots or approved rubber equestrian boots in conjunction with suitably sized safety irons

Wear an approved safety vest

Wear shirt with sleeves and full-length suitable trousers

All riders must attempt to keep their feet in the stirrup irons at all times

Smoking whilst mounted is strictly prohibited


All persons using the Townsville Turf Club facilities will be deemed to have read and understood the regulations and rules pertaining to the use of the Townsville Turf Club facilities (Read it here ‘Click’ track work rules/ policy) and have agreed to be bound by them. These can be sourced from the Townsville Turf Club Administration Office. These guidelines may be altered at the discretion of the Townsville Turf Club Management at any time.

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